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Originally created to extend the life of your shingle or cedar roof, NuKlear® can protect your wood deck or fence; seal concrete, brick or stone; restore luster to fiberglass or vinyl. Prevents the growth of molds, fungi and algae.

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LikeNu for concrete coating

WonderChem distributes WonderChem, Inc. designed and manufactured an extensive offering of paint, coatings, roofing, waterproofing and concrete enhancement products. They are effective for cleaning, repairing and protecting your roof, concrete, metal or wood structures.

You can find superior, high-tech, environmentally friendly (GREEN) coatings and cleaners here at WonderChem. Use the links on the left or navigation block below to view our products.

seal decks with NuKlear
Elastomeric Paint

ASA606 has a 20 year history of sealing and protecting roofs. Your bituminous, EPDM or metal roof will last longer while you keep cool and save energy with white acrylic roofing. We own the patent on built-up acrylic systems using polyester fabric.

Wonder25 is an Elastomeric Acrylic Paint with 30% urethane, making it a Urethane Paint as well. Over a projected life of 25 years it won't crack, chalk or wash away in acid rain. Don't be fooled by others claiming to have cross-linking nano technology.

Concrete Solutions

You can have a denser, stronger, more chemically resistant concrete with our ASA 603 CEP acrylic modifier. Proven in hundreds of applications for over 15 years in thin set rebuilds, decorative overlays, patching and even smoke-stack repair.

LikeNu Cement Coating  <-- Click to find out about our polymer concrete paint.


We're often asked "what are the best methods and tools for preparing surfaces before coating." We've assembled a collection of products from different manufacturers that we've found effective. You'll find effective Oxygen Bleach products and "bugs" that eat oil. NuEtch was created as the fastest, easiest way to safely etch concrete, stone, tile or glass before coating. Have a look!

Mold Solutions

Preventex -- the solution to moldSome of our products have been adapted to specific problem solving. One of the biggest problems is mold clean-up and prevention. The Preventex series of products were developed specifically to aid in the control of molds and fungi.


If you have a specific application question or need assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.

Product Ordering

This is a list of the major products available. It includes a cart for purchasing online via PayPal.
We also do a lot of custom formulating for specific conditions. If you have such a need then please make an inquiry.

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roofs,roofing,white roof,roof shingles,roof coating,roof repair,flat roof,roof materials,paint,mold,algae,waterproofing,UV, elastomeric,rubber,concrete,wood,protection
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September 26, 2013
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