Wonder25 Elastomeric PaintElastomeric Mastic Paint

Wonder 25 is a coating system that is completely acid rain resistant its entire life. The high performance acrylic system is supported by a 28% urethane graft that makes the coating chalk resistant as well as jet fuel resistant around airports. It bonds well to metal and wood surfaces on cleaned and primed surfaces. Wonder 25 is totally monolithic. The perm values are set for siding in the South, Southeast, Southwest and the Northwest. In very cold climates in homes without vapor seals WonderChem will increase the perm rating. The coating reflects 96% of the energy that stikes its surface saving more than 40% of the cooling cost in summer and reflecting heat energy back into the building in winter. Wonder 25 pays for itself and gives long time substrate protection when properly installed. It is the only liquid siding that has both organic and inorganic UV protection to prevent yellowing and changes in the coating's texture and appearance. The proven Anti fungal and algae package prevents boring and slime organisms from destroying appearance and siding surface.

Physical Properties & Engineering Data
% Solids Tint Base 11.87 lbs / gallon 71% by weight
% Solids Deep Base 11.33 lbs / gallon 60.3% by Volume
Adhesion Glass 16.5 - 20.00
180° peel test Ceramic tile 16.5 - 20.00
  Aluminum 16.0 - 18.00
Use primers for best results! Steel 16.0 - 18.00
  Styrofoam 22.0 +
  Yellow Pine 22.0 +
Tensile Strength:ASTM D 2370  354 psi @ 12.3 mils
With 1 ply polyester fabric 2000 psi
With 2 ply polyester fabric 4000 psi
Percent Elongation ASTM D 2370 88
Hardness: Shore A  @ 68° F 54
Flash Point NONE
Resistance to wind driven rain No penetration of water.
according to F.S.#TT-C555B Sec. 3.3.3
Moisture resistance No loss of adhesion, discoloration, blistering, cracking , flaking or chalking.
according to Federal Test Method Std. No.2051, Procedure B
Moisture Vapor Permeability 1 or 2 perms
according to F.S. #TT - C555B Sec. 4.4.8 exceeds minimum requirement of 0.4 perms
Electrical resistivity, volume ohm-cm.
 ASTM D-257: 50% RH 23°C
  1.9 X 1014
Flexibility:  1/2 inch rod to minus 30°F
from 100% extension after 5 min.
Fuel and oil resistance Excellent
Acid and alkaline resistance Excellent
Moisture vapor Transmission Tint Base 1.38 perms @ 12 mils dry
ASTM D-1653 Deep Base 1.72 perms @ 12 mils dry
Cold Northern Climates where no vapor barrier exits. 100 to 200 % increase per your Architect's Recommendation
UV resistance QUV    ASTM D 4587 Excellent
No deterioration after 3,000 hrs. in weatherometer.
Fire Retardance     ASTM E-84 Flame spread factor - - - 15
Fuel contributed factor - 10
Environmental codes:  conforms to all present environmental codes such as L.A. Rule 66 and Philadelphia Reg. V
VOC's Deep Base Weight
134.7 grams /gal.
 4.47 ozs. / gal.
VOC's Tint Base Weight
202.7 grams /gal.
 6.71 ozs. / gal.
Color Matching:     By Spectrophotometer for accuracy and easy replication.
Tint Base
 Deep Base
All Colors
 All Colors
 Deep Tones
Viscosity: Kreb Units
Drying Time: See Application Notes. 8-12 mils wet 30 minutes
Slump on draw down card 12 mils wet None


Thoroughly remove surface contaminants such as dust or dirt without damaging the substrate. For previously painted surfaces, all loose and chalking paint must be removed, and glossy surfaces dulled. Any form-release agents or bond breakers must be removed. Over stucco and concrete surfaces prime with ASA603 CEP. Uneven concrete, stucco or masonry can be leveled with ASA603 Polymer Concrete. Allow sufficient time for repaired cracks and Base Coat to dry before the application of Wonder25.
Metal surfaces: Chemically or physically remove oxides from surface and prime with ASA603 + Chlor.
Wood surfaces: Clean with a sodium percarbonate solution or MonoClean. Prime with NuKlear Saturating Primer.

Wonder25 is easily applied with brush, roller or suitable spray equipment. When sprayed 12-14 mils can be applied in a single coat. Apply as packaged. If necessary, add small amounts of clean potable water to adjust workability.

CLEAN-UP: Water soluble prior to drying. Clean tools and containers with water prior to drying.

DRYING TIME (Recoat): Approximately 30 minutes-4 hours depending upon temperature, humidity and substrate. Allow minimum 5 days curing before washing/scrubbing surface.

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ASA 606 is perfect for sealing and protecting
metal roofs, built-up roofs and flashings.
#1 Acrylic Source for Construction
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roofs,roofing,white roof,roof shingles,roof coating,roof repair,flat roof,roof materials,paint,mold,algae,waterproofing,UV, elastomeric,rubber,concrete,wood,protection
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September 26, 2013

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