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This is a list of most of the WonderChem products and their current prices. You can order online by clicking cart button. Orders from this page are processed through PayPal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account. They process most major credit cards.
If your order exceeds $1,000 then we suggest you call us. Orders from this page are shipped via FedEx Green but larger orders will be less expensive via truck. If you're ordering from outside the lower 48 the added shipping prices are inaccurate. Please contact us to place your order.
This price list is available as a printable pdf file. If you prefer to fax your order print and complete the Order Form. We accept Visa and Mastercard on phone and faxed orders.
If you need assistance in designing your application then contact us.  Material Safety Data Sheets and Data Sheets are available in our literature repository.
To order Oxy-Boost, Mineral Magic or other cleaners direct from the manufacturer please use this price list.

ASA603 Concrete Enhancing Polymer
W15859.1   ASA603 CEP 1 gallon $55.32
W15859.4   ASA 603CEP 4 gallon Case $216.00
W15859.5   ASA603 CEP 5 gallon Pail $267.63
W15859.55 ASA603 CEP 55 gallon Drum $2,455.00

LikeNu Concrete "Paint "
W15787.1   LikeNu 1 gallon   $71.50
W15787.4   LikeNu 4 gallon Case   $286.00
W15787.5   LikeNu 5 gallon Pail   $357.50

Concrete Coating Combo Kits
LKNU-Test   603: 1pt; LikeNu: 1gal.; AUS: 1pt. $95.34
LKNU-Patio 603: 1gal; LikeNu: 2gal; AUS: 1gal $259.75
LKNU-Drive 603: 5gal; LikeNu: 10gal; AUS: 5gal $1,278.68

NuCrete II Leveling Compound
PSIO220   20 pound box     $127.40

NuCrete III Whitener
PMM20   20 pound box     $38.94

NuKlear Saturating Primer
W15852.1   NuKlear SP 1 gallon clear $56.42
W15852.4   NuKlear SP 4 gal. case clear $220.50

W15852.1t   NuKlear SP 1 gal. tinted $60.84
W15852.4t   NuKlear SP 4 gal. case tinted $234.43

W15852.5   Nuklear SP 5 gal. Pail clear $262.50
  Color Packs for 5 gallon container $17.50

NuKlear Varnish [Top Coat / Sealer]
W15790.1   NuKlear Top 1 gallon   $68.51
W15790.4   NuKlear Top 4 gal. case   $269.08
W15790.5   NuKlear Top 5 gallon pail   $324.38

FlexClear Waterborne Urethane
U15858.1   FlexClear Gloss 1 gallon $96.72
U15858.4   FlexClear Gloss case of 4 gallon $382.59
U15858.5   FlexClear Gloss 5 gallon Pail $469.30

Acrylic Urethane Sealer [AUS]
W15899.1   AUS 1 gallon $67.17
W15899.4   AUS case of 4 gallons $263.38
W15899.5   AUS 5 gallon pail $329.19

Aziridine Cross-Linker for Flex-Clear and AUS
V15861.1   1 ounce bottle     $5.50
V15861.3   3 ounce bottle     $13.20
V15861.4   4 ounce bottle     $16.50
Pebble Beach Aliphatic Moisture Cured Urethane 100% solids
U15856.1   PB 1/2 gal. unit     $103.10
U15656.4   PB 2 gal. case     $407.09
U15656+S81   Crystal-Nu 1 gal. (Pebble Beach + D-Solve)   $124.95

D-Solve Technical grade d-limonene
S-81.1   D-Solve 1 gallon     $43.56
S-81.5   D-Solve 5 gallon (truck ship only) $218.29 contact us

ASA 606 Plus Acrylic-Urethane Roof Coating
W15877.1   ASA 606+ 1 gallon   $66.00
W15877.4   ASA 606+ 4 gal. case   $303.71
W15877.5   ASA 606+ 5 gal. pail   $291.24

Wonder25 Urethane-Acrylic Exterior Paint--White
W15845.1   Wonder25 White 1 gallon   $79.67
W15845.4   Wonder25 White case of 4 gal.   $259.88
W15845.5   Wonder25 White 5 gal. pail   $366.64

Wonder25 Urethane-Acrylic Exterior Paint--Colored
Please provide us with a color number from any major paint manufacturer or make arrangements to send us a color sample for computer matching.
W15880.1   Wonder25 Tinted 1 gallon   $86.22
W15880.4   Wonder25 Tinted case of 4 gal.   $340.08
W15880.5   Wonder25 Tinted 5 gal. pail   $412.14

NuEtch Etch concrete, tile and glass
NuEtch Standard
S-HF.25   2.5 gal. container $114.50
NuEtch Prime
S-HF-P.25   2.5 gal. container $119.50
NuEtch Vivid
S-HF-V.25   2.5 gal. container $133.45
NOTE: NuEtch products must ship as HAZMAT via truck. The shipping is $110.00 on one container or 15. If you are ordering additional items (ASA603; LikeNu; etc.) we will place those items on the same pallet and rebate shipping cost on the additional items.

WonderMicrobes Oil removing bacteria
Bugs++.1   Microbes   1 gallon   $55.40
Bugs++.4   Microbes   case of 4 gal $219.60
Bugs++.5   Microbes    5 gal. pail $273.99

Polyester Fabric Pricing on Fabric Page  

Quantity discount pricing
Order total from $3,000 to $5,999 multiply the total by 0.86
Order total from $6,000 to $50,000 multiply the total by 0.77

All Prices are FOB the shipping point.

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roofs,roofing,white roof,roof shingles,roof coating,roof repair,flat roof,roof materials,paint,mold,algae,waterproofing,UV, elastomeric,rubber,concrete,wood,protection
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