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Proper coating application requires proper surface preparation. NuEtch is a safe "Green" method of preparing surfaces for over-coating.

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Etch Concrete safely with no neutralization or rinsing!

Coatings bond to surfaces based on a chemical interaction plus a mechanical bond. Rough and porous surfaces are much easier to "stick to" because of the increased surface area thus more points of chemical and mechanical interaction. Standard methods of roughening the surface include sand-blasting, grinding and acid etching.

On concrete the historical method of etching the surface has been Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid. This attacks the calcium that is in cement. There are several disadvantages to using Muriatic acid.

  • Extremely hazardous to work with.
  • If the calcium in the concrete is not free then not effective.
  • Soaks into the concrete making it difficult to remove when finished.
  • Hard to neutralize or rinse away. Soaks into concrete often causing continuing reaction which can cause coating to release.

NuEtch is a hydrofluoric acid generator for limited etching of glass, tile and concrete. A thin film will etch any silica surface in 15 seconds. It does not need to be rinsed. The coating can be applied directly over the etched surface once the etching solution completely dries.


  • Etches all surfaces such as stone, tile, concrete and glass.
  • It only generates the etching compound upon evaporation.
  • Doesn't require neutralization or rinsing.
  • Saves time! Can be applying the coating in hours vs up to a day with HCl.
  • Improves coating bond to the surface. Etches not just the cement portion of concrete but also the fillers.
  • Sterilizes the surface while etching.

60x Microscopic view of NuEtch surface before and after.

Before etching After NuEtch
New ProductsTime and Cost Saving FormulationsNew Products

NuEtch Prime

Eliminates the need for primer coats before top-coating with organic compounds. Perfect for sealing tiles and overcoating with epoxy, urethane or acrylic coatings. De-waters as it dries to assure no moisture to affect the coating bonding properties.

NuEtch Vivid

Now you can etch, prime and color in one step!! NuEtch Vivid uses rich set of color fast pigments to provide color to any concrete or stone surface. Unlike other concrete stains we do not use toxic metallic based salts or acids. Colors can be mixed to make your own unique color. They can be diluted with NuEtch Prime for less intense color saturation.

Colors available:

  • Yellow transparent and a primary color to make other colors.
  • Pea Green transparent
  • Blue transparent and a primary color
  • Purple transparent and a source of rich reds
  • Dark Brown transparent Light Brown transparent
  • Navy Blue not transparent
  • Dark Blue transparent
  • Red


Apply with a paint pad or tight knap roller. Keep film thin. Do not spray or breath the fumes. Keep ventilation against ones back.


300 square feet per gallon on concrete.
400 square feet per gallon on smooth surfaces such as glass and tile.


(1) Do not throw excess away. Return it to the container.
(2) Do not dispose by dumping down drain. Pour excess over sand to dispose.
(3) Do not spray.

Typical properties:

Appearance:   clear water solution
            Vivid -- colored water solution
Solids:   13 +/- 2%
            Vivid -- 20% +/- 2% pH       4.6
VOC's:    0

Standard Packaging:
2.5 gallon plastic containers

Standard NuEtch
S-HF.25 $114.50
NuEtch Prime
S-HF-P.25 $119.50
NuEtch Vivid
S-HF-V.25 $133.45
NOTE: NuEtch products must ship as HAZMAT via truck. The shipping is $110.00 on one container or 15. If you are ordering additional items (ASA603; LikeNu; etc.) we will place those items on the same pallet and rebate shipping cost on the additional items.

Material Safety Data Sheet    |||   This page as a printable pdf file.

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roofs,roofing,white roof,roof shingles,roof coating,roof repair,flat roof,roof materials,paint,mold,algae,waterproofing,UV, elastomeric,rubber,concrete,wood,protection
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