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Although the KaBoom products have been successful here at WonderChem we have discontinued sales. The Stain Remover has been out of production for several years and the inventory has been depleted. We believe that the Tub 'n Tile cleaner has a more effective replacement.

Please review the products below. We have worked with Natural Choices for several years and found their products effective and safe to use. All products have a satisfaction guaranteed warranty.

STAIN-FREE Laundry Pretreatment

Stain-Free for Laundry

A safe, yet effective, cleaner developed by and for people with allergies, asthma, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities*.
A highly effective, ready-to-use pretreatment solution designed to remove and dissolve most water- and oil-based stains, such as grease, oil, blood, food and pet stains, paint, and ink.
Effective on some older, set-in stains.
Free of common lung and skin irritants such as petrochemicals, fragrances, and dyes.
It's free-rinsing characteristics leave behind no residue to irritate sensitive skin.
Safe for use in closed environments - will not compromise air quality.
Made with naturally occurring renewable resources which break down safely and rapidly.

Directions For Use:

  • To remove stains, spray a small amount of STAIN-FREE to affected area. Rub gently to work solution into fibers.
  • For stubborn stains, wait a few minutes before laundering. Do not allow solution to dry into fibers.
  • For best results, wash laundry in Natural Choices OXY-PRIME or ALLERGY-FREE.
  • Ingredients: Vegetable and synthetic surfactants, natural glycerin and TEA.
    (Contains no SLS or nonyl phenol ethoxylates.)

*This product has been proven through past use to be safe for sufferers of allergies, asthma, and MCS. However, because each person's condition is unique, Natural Choices cannot be responsible for any adverse reactions to this product.

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Mineral Magic removes calcium and lime scale and surface rust quickly, easily and SAFELY. There is no need for rubber gloves or gas masks anymore!!

Use Mineral Magic to clean:

* Tubs * Shower Stalls * Toilet Bowls * Sinks * Glass *
* Chrome * Fiberglass * Stainless Steel * Faucet Fixtures *
* Tile * Porcelain * Shower Heads * Washing Machines * Dishwashers *
* Humidifiers * Coffee Makers * Masonry *
*Almost anything affected by hard water deposits*

Mineral Magic contains no phosphates, no abrasives, no solvents and no harsh chemicals. It is a unique low pH product and does not contain traditional dangerous acids- unlike the leading brands of hard water deposit removers!! It is safe for your septic system and even more important: Mineral Magic is safe for you to use!!


  • Mineral Magic is ready to use. No mixing is needed.
  • To clean MOST SURFACES (tubs, toilets, sinks, porcelain, tile, grout, masonry): pour Mineral Magic onto a damp sponge and wipe onto surface. Stubborn areas may require 1-2 minutes of contact time and a little scrubbing.
  • Wipe away deposits thoroughly and rinse with clean water. HINT: empty toilet bowl before applying Mineral Magic.
  • COFFEE POTS, PANS and TEA KETTLES: pour enough Mineral Magic to cover bottom. Wipe with sponge. Rinse thoroughly.
  • DISHWASHERS and WASHING MACHINES: run empty machine without detergent; add one half-cup of Mineral Magic during main wash cycle. Finish cycle. Run an additional cycle for thorough rinsing.
  • SHOWER HEADS: submerge in Mineral Magic for one minute. Rinse
  • Ingredients: Contains organic urea salt, mild surfactants

Personally I purchase Mineral Magic by the gallon. In addition to all the uses above I've used it to clean corroded automotive battery cables, bearings on castor wheels and to break rusted nuts and bolts. -- Webmaster

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roofs,roofing,white roof,roof shingles,roof coating,roof repair,flat roof,roof materials,paint,mold,algae,waterproofing,UV, elastomeric,rubber,concrete,wood,protection
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