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NuKlear®Frequently Asked Questions

What is NuKlear® and why is it so special?

NuKlear is the world's first water-based varnish. It is the only ambient-temperature, cross-linking acrylic on the market. It is a formulation of V.O.C. compliant acrylic resins that prevent the damaging effects of water, fungi and UV radiation on interior and exterior surfaces. NuKlear includes a UV-blocker as well as a non-toxic fungicide. NuKlear also contains a water-based urethane for improved retained flexibility and wear resistance.

Don't varnishes eventually yellow, crack and peel?

Yes most oil-based varnishes can yellow, crack, blister and peel. NuKlear is a new water-based varnish that will not. NuKlear's UV resistant cross-linked acrylic system is non-yellowing and designed to absorb into surfaces, chemically bonding with them and will not peel off. NuKlear dries to form a tough elastic film that remains flexible over a wide temperature range and will not crack. The repellent additives in NuKlear allow the wood and other substrates to breathe, enabling NuKlear to release water vapor but keep liquid moisture out. This eliminates blistering seen with traditional varnishes.

Other coatings say they are water-repellent, why is NuKlear® different?

Most exterior weatherproofing products contain oils soaps or waxes. They may legally say they are water-repellent but they are actually water-resistant. Water-resistant coatings slow water absorption but do not form a water impermeable barrier. Water-resistant properties of oils, soaps or waxes are short-lived because they usually evaporate, washout or wear away. NuKlear contains a patented non-oil, water-repellent system that will not wash away or evaporate. It's the reason NuKlear keeps beading water when all the other products have quit.

Where can NuKlear® be applied?

NuKlear can be applied to wood, asphalt, stone, brick, stucco and cement surfaces. You can use it on decks, shingles, walls, fences, patios and driveways. NuKlear is perfect for exterior and interior of log homes. NuKlear is also oil and solvent resistant which makes it outstanding for parking and driveway surfaces.

Since NuKlear® is an acrylic coating, won't it leave a shine?

NuKlear will leave a very slight matte finish that will become invisible in a few months. For those wishing a gloss appearance, we have NuKlear High-Gloss, which is also for exterior and interior surfaces.

In some areas it talks about using NuKlear® SP, and in other areas it doesn't. When is the primer needed?

NuKlear Saturating-Primer was designed to protect any cellulose containing material from attack by micro-organisms. Thus the primer would be used on:
1. Wood Decks
2. Sheet rock
3. Wood shingle roofs and wood siding.
4. Protection of wood framing.
The decision after priming to install the NuKlear top coat is then predicated upon expected moisture exposure. Obviously an exterior roof or deck would best be protected by finishing with a coat of NuKlear. If you're using the SP as a mold protective coating on framing then you would probably only seal those areas likely to be submerged, ie., below the flood plain, below the bath and kitchen areas or on basement timbers.

Since NuKlear® is a coating, won't it leave horizontal surfaces slippery?

NuKlear has built-in non-slip properties. For traffic areas on very smooth surfaces or where extra traction is desired we recommend sprinkling a little sand between coats to create a rougher surface.

Is NuKlear® harmful to plants and animals?

No. NuKlear is a water-based product that will not harm plants or animals if they are accidentally sprayed. We recommend immediate rinsing with water so the product will not adhere to any over-sprayed areas or plants. NuKlear does not cause pollution of inland or marine waterways. Uncured resins in NuKlear are fully biodegradable. We classify our cured water proofing/ mold inhibiting system as hypo-allergenic.

Will I need to use harsh paint strippers to remove NuKlear®?

No. WonderChem recommends an environmentally safe stripper called Take-Off 2000 that will safely and easily remove NuKlear. Unlike other paint strippers, it does not contain lye, acids, toluene, xylene, methylene chloride or other toxic solvents. Call 800-765-1822 for additional information.

NuKlear® Application Questions

What surface preparation must be done before applying NuKlear®?

Surfaces should be clean and dry. If you have used a chemical stripper or brightener, be sure to apply a pH neutralizer and thoroughly rinse before coating with NuKlear.
Oxygenated Bleach is an effective means of cleaning and brightening with low environmental impact.

How is NuKlear® applied?

NuKlear can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto surfaces. For exterior decks, we recommend back brushing NuKlear into the wood after spraying. This works the product into the wood surface. Multiple thin coats give best protection. When using NuKlear Saturating Primer apply to the point of saturation. NuKlear top coat should be applied when the primer is fully dry. Best performance has been found by waiting for 24 hours to seal.

Can I use NuKlear® over another existing coating?

Yes, NuKlear bonds very well to existing coatings and can be used to rejuvenate the look of older latex and alkyd coatings. However, check to be sure the older coating is not flaking or peeling before applying NuKlear. If so you must remove it.

What is the coverage rate for NuKlear®?

Depending on the absorbancy of the surface, one gallon of NuKlear will cover approximately 400 square feet per coat. Two coats will generally give the recommended dry film thickness of 3 mils or approximately 200 square feet per gallon.

What colors are available for NuKlear®?

Standard colors are: Clear, Light Oak, Golden Oak, Cedar, Redwood and Walnut.

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White Paper: NuKlear for Mold prevention.
In a May '97 Consumer Report article it was
recommended to use a product that
waterproofs, blocks ultraviolet light and stops
mildew to keep your wood products looking
fresh. That product is here!
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Nov. 17, 2010

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