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 Why do Natural Wood Decks Need Care, Cleaning and Maintenance?

Decks are an expensive investment and need to be maintained. Most people wash their car or boat, and occasionally the lawn furniture, but forget to clean and protect their wood deck.

Your deck will look newer and last much longer with proper care and maintenance.

Dangerous conditions caused by slippery or worn boards from mold and mildew, rotting, splintering and corrosion of nails need to be prevented.

Your wood deck surface needs to be cleaned before it is resealed. Surface debris must be removed to restore the wood cellulose to its original look.

 Why Use Oxy-Boost To Clean Your Deck?

Oxy-Boost refurbishes the wood to its natural color and helps prepare the wood for a sealer. It works by deep cleaning wood deck surface.

Oxy-Boost removes the sun faded layers of wood from the deck surface along with mold, mildew, organic matter and old sealer.

Oxy-Boost will not harm your plants, flowers, grass or other vegetation.

Oxy-Boost won’t harm your clothes or your skin, your pets or your family. It is safe for the environment and very safe to use unlike oxalic acid or chlorine bleach type products.

Oxy-Boost is safe and easy to use and it really is effective in cleaning your deck!!

How To Get OxyBoost

Oxy-Boost Bucket

 How Much OxyBoost Should I Use?

A Pound of OxyBoost will clean 150 to 300 square feet of deck surface. Dirty horizontal deck surfaces sometimes need a second quick cleaning. Each lineal foot of average railing has 4 square feet of surface area. The average deck - 15x15 - requires a minimum of 4 lbs. of OxyBoost.

 Instructions for Use:

Remove any loose soil or dirt.

Wet the deck with water.

Pre-treat oil and grease stains with a hot water solution of dish soap or Natural Choices Orange 100 Cleaner & Degreaser. If the oil and grease are extensive or deeply penetrated we suggest using an oil-eating bacteria product such as WonderMicrobes.

Prepare Deck Cleaning solution by dissolving 6-8 ounces of Oxy-Boost in a gallon of hot water. Allow 5 minutes for Oxy-Boost to dissolve and become “cleaning active”.

Apply “cleaning active” solution to deck with a mop, roller, sponge or rag. A pump sprayer or spray bottle is good for applying solution to railings or other vertical surfaces. Wait 10 –15 minutes after application then scrub with stiff bristle brush or broom.

Rinse with water.

Repeat as necessary, especially for really worn or stained decks.

Solution will remain “cleaning active” for up to 8 hours but will be most effective when used soon after mixing.

Do not store in a sealed container as the “cleaning active” solution will give off oxygen and may cause the container to leak.

 How Often Should A Deck Be Cleaned?

Generally, every 1-3 years will suffice depending upon the frequency and type of use. The true answer is a combination of: the type of wood the deck is made of, the treatments and protectants applied to the wood, humidity, weather, UV exposure, the amount of particulate and dirt on the wood, and general usage. These factors will dictate the need to clean and reseal.

 Should You Apply A Deck Finish Or Sealer After Cleaning?

Yes, most definitely! High quality products that contain mildewcides, water repellants and ultra-violet protection provide the best performance and give longer life to your deck. Not sealing your deck after cleaning it is one of the worst things you can do.

 What Kind of Sealer Should you Use?

NuKlear Sealed Deck

Deck Finishes are either water based or oil based. In general, oil based finishes provide longer lasting protection while water based ones are more forgiving in damp conditions and are easier to clean up. Clear deck finishes are popular as they allow the grain of the wood to be seen. They are transparent so you can’t leave any lap marks during application, which is a common problem with colored finishes. Lightly colored or semi-transparent finishes add color to the deck while allowing some of the wood grain to be seen. Solid color finishes offer the best UV protection but in general don’t stand up as well to foot traffic.

Of course, WonderChem recommends NuKlear.

 What is OXY-BOOST?

OXY-BOOST is sodium percarbonate, a solid form of hydrogen peroxide bonded with natural soda ash. It is activated by water where it releases oxygen which provides cleaning and stain removal.

Why use OXY-BOOST?

OXY-BOOST is the versatile oxygen bleach for those who care about the safety of their family and their planet. It is color safe, fabric safe, user safe, environmentally safe, and it is an excellent deodorizer.

Unlike chlorine bleach, which can merely cover up a stain, OXY-BOOST attacks and breaks down organic stains to totally remove them from the surface. OXY-BOOST is:

ProX Deck, Patio and House Formula

The standard Oxy-Boost has worked successfully on hundred of decks. However, at the request of several professional deck cleaning contractors, a formula was developed that includes additional cleaning agents that make it even more effective. ProX Exterior will give you the power to make cleaning your deck, fence or exterior siding easy. We at WonderChem like it because it leaves the wood with a slightly increased pH which opens the grain and allows the NuKlear Saturating Primer to soak into the wood better.
Each pound will clean 150-200 square feet of surface area. For vertical surfaces (siding, steep roofs, fences, etc.) use 3-4 oz. per pound of Oxy-Cling to thicken the solution and provide better vertical cling and more efficient cleaning.

Deck & Patio Cleaner     2.5 pounds $ 14.95
Deck & Patio Cleaner     5 pounds $ 24.95
Deck & Patio Cleaner     20 pounds $ 79.95
Oxy-Cling     14 oz. $ 11.95
Oxy-Cling     5 Pounds $ 52.95
Oxy-Cling     14 Pounds $ 129.95
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