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13 Natural Choice Products

Keep Your Family Clean and Safe with Our Family of Cleaners
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ORANGE 100 Cleaner and Degreaser

OXY-PRIME Powdered Laundry Detergent

ALLERGY-FREE Liquid Laundry Detergent

OXY-DISH Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

NATURAL SHINE Wood Cleaner and Polish

MINERAL MAGIC Hard Water and Rust Stain Remover

GUARDIAN Glass and Surface Cleaner

CLEAN & FREE Floor Cleaner

FREE Dishwashing Liquid

OXY-SCRUB Kitchen and Bath Cleanser

OXY-FLUSH Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  ORANGE 100 Liquid Cleaner and Degreaser

Orange 100

One of the toughest cleaning jobs in and around the home is greasy and grimy dirt.  ORANGE 100 is specially designed to tackle these jobs effectively, economically, and safely.

ORANGE 100 gets its grease fighting power from limonene; a natural cleaner and solvent that is made from orange peels or pine trees.  Limonene is also very effective in removing other stains like crayon, lipstick, oil, tar, blood, adhesives and more!!

orange ORANGE 100 is a concentrated product with no added water and contains 100% active ingredients. Many commercially so-called concentrated cleaner/degreaser products can contain up to 50% water or more!

ORANGE 100 is formulated to be biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, and non-abrasive.  That means that it is safer to use and will not harm people or the environment.  It smells nice, too; consumers love the gentle orange fragrance.


  • Dilute with the appropriate amount of water depending on the application.  This is where ORANGE 100  is really economical because for most general purpose light to medium uses (floors, kitchen and other work surfaces, carpets, car wash, etc.) only one to two ounces of cleaner per gallon of water is needed.
  • The solution may be applied to surface with a rag or sponge, or sprayed onto the surface with a suitable trigger sprayer.
  • For heavy duty applications (grease, blood, crayon, BBQ grills, etc.) use dilutions of up to 4 ounces per quart of water.  Works great on stubborn carpet stains, too!!

Cleaning Tips

  • Limonene products cannot be used on styrene, natural rubber, or lacquer finishes.  If there is any question as to whether the surface may be harmed, first clean a small test area.
  • For stubborn stains and soils please let the cleaning solution sit on the surface several minutes.
  • After cleaning rinse surface with cold water.

Ingredients: limonene, mild surfactants

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  OXY-PRIME Powdered Laundry Detergent

OXY-Prime Detergent

· Oxy-Prime cleans and removes stains from your laundry with the power of Oxy-Boost Oxygen Bleach Destainer and Deodorizer.

· Oxy-Prime is safe and effective at ALL temperatures on Whites, Permanent Press, Bright Colors, Pastels, Prints, and Delicates in hard or soft water. (Not suitable for Silk or Wool.)

· Oxy-Prime is non-toxic, environmentally safe and contains no phosphates.

· With Oxy-Prime there are no harmful by-products upon decomposition.

· Oxy-Prime dissolves as completely as liquid detergents and rinses away completely leaving no residue in your clothes.

· Oxy-Prime costs less to use than commercial liquid detergents and costs no more to use than commercial powdered household laundry detergents.

· Oxy-Prime contains no Dyes, Perfumes, Fillers or Phosphates.

· Compare Oxy-Prime to your normal laundry detergent and you'll see the difference!!

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!!

  • Begin filling washer with water, add Oxy-Prime, then add laundry.
  • For regular size washers and normally soiled loads use 1/4 cup (2oz) of Oxy-Prime.
  • For large size washers add 1/2 cup (4 oz) of Oxy-Prime.
  • For heavily soiled loads add 1/2 cup (4 oz) of Oxy-Prime and 1/4 to 1/2 cup (2 to 4 oz) of Oxy-Boost.
  • For extra cleaning and stain removal power use Oxy-Boost as a pre-soak or add 2-4 ounces  of Oxy-Boost to 1/4 cup of Oxy-Prime per load!!

Ingredients: Soda ash, sodium percarbonate, mild surfactants

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  ALLERGY-FREE Liquid Laundry Detergent

Allergy Free Liquid Detergent

· Developed by and for people with allergies, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).

· Allergy-Free is 100% free of petroleum-based or other hazardous ingredients, fragrances, phosphates, animal by-products, dyes and other common triggers for respiratory or skin irritations.

· Allergy-Free is a non-caustic/pH neutral product that gives basic cleaning of most stains, soils and dirt found in the laundry.

· Allergy-Free should be used with Oxy-Boost Oxygen Bleach Destainer and Deodorizer to give the best performance in cleaning and stain removal.

· Allergy-Free is safe for all washable fabrics, including gentle care items.

General Use Directions for ALLERGY-FREE:

  • Begin filling washer with water, add Allergy-Free, then add laundry.
  • For regular sized washers and normally soiled loads use 1/4 cup (2oz) of Allergy-Free.
  • For large size washers add one half cup (4 oz) of Allergy-Free.
  • For heavily soiled loads use 1/4 cup of Allergy-Free with 2 ounces of Oxy-Boost.  Oxy-Boost (2-4 ounces per gallon of warm to hot water) can also be used as a pre-soak before washing with Allergy-Free.

For Hand Washables:

  • Add 1-2 teaspoons of Allergy-Free to a basin of lukewarm water.  Follow any special washing instructions with unique garments.

Ingredients: Deionized water, vegetable-based cleansing agents, mild surfactants, microbiostat

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  OXY-DISH Automatic Dishwashing Detergent

OXY-DISH Automatic Dishwashing Detergent

Based on the same ingredients as our highly successful Oxy-Prime Powdered Laundry Detergent, Oxy-Dish uses the power of Oxy-Boost to clean and sanitize your dishes, pots and pans without the use of chlorine, phosphates, fillers or other harmful ingredients.  It is guaranteed to work as well as the leading commercial products and it is economical to use.

Use Oxy-Dish as you would your normal dishwashing detergent and follow recommended use instructions for the type of dishwasher you have. Depending on your dishwasher, you may be able to use half as much as you used before!

Oxy-Dish dissolves easily and won't clump as some other brands do.

Oxy-Dish can be used in hard or soft water.

Since Oxy-Dish does not contain chlorine, you don't get that chlorine smell in your kitchen like other products leave behind.

Though you can use a rinse aid with OXY-DISH it is not necessary as it leaves your dishes spotless and clean!

(As with any dishwashing detergent, do not use on silver as tarnishing may occur.)

Oxy-Dish is as good as or better than the leading commercial dishwashing detergent!!!
We guarantee it or your money back!!!

Ingredients: sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, mild surfactants

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  NATURAL SHINE Wood Cleaner and Polish

A natural orange oil and soy oil product that cleans and shines wood and other household surfaces without the use of petroleum distillates, dyes or other toxic ingredients like other infomercial advertized polishes contain.

Natural Shine Spray Bottle Surfaces Natural Shine will Clean and Polish:

 Wood Furniture        Paneling
 Wood Floors        Cabinets
 Fiberglass        Formica

  • Natural Shine hides minor wood scratches and water marks
  • Natural Shine repels fingerprints
  • Natural Shine removes wax buildup
  • Natural Shine removes soap build up and helps prevent future build up
  • Natural Shine smells like fresh oranges
  • Natural Shine is Purely and Simply...100% NATURAL

Ingredients: Limonene and soy oil

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  MINERAL MAGIC Hard Water Deposit and Rust Remover

Mineral Magic removes calcium and lime scale and surface rust quickly, easily and SAFELY.
              There is no need for rubber gloves or gas masks anymore!!

 Use Mineral Magic to clean:

* Tubs * Shower Stalls * Toilet Bowls * Sinks * Glass * Chrome * Fiberglass *
* Stainless Steel * Faucet Fixtures * Tile * Porcelain * Shower Heads *
* Washing Machines * Dishwashers * Humidifiers * Coffee Makers * Masonry *
*Almost anything affected by hard water deposits*

Mineral Magic contains no phosphates, no abrasives, no solvents and no harsh chemicals. It is a unique low pH product and does not contain traditional dangerous acids- unlike the leading brands of hard water deposit removers!! It is safe for your septic system and even more important:
                                              Mineral Magic is safe for you to use!! Mineral Magic in 3 sizes

    General Use Directions for MINERAL MAGIC:

  • Mineral Magic is ready to use. No mixing is needed.
  • To clean MOST SURFACES (tubs, toilets, sinks, porcelain, tile, grout, masonry): pour Mineral Magic onto a damp sponge and wipe onto surface.
  • Stubborn areas may require 1-2 minutes of contact time and a little scrubbing.
  • Wipe away deposits thoroughly and rinse with clean water.
  • HINT: empty toilet bowl before applying Mineral Magic.

  • Pour enough Mineral Magic to cover bottom.
  • Wipe with sponge. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Run empty machine without detergent.
  • Add one half-cup of Mineral Magic during main wash cycle.
  • Finish cycle. Run an additional cycle for thorough rinsing.

  • Submerge in Mineral Magic for one minute. Rinse.

Ingredients: Organic urea salt, mild surfactants, and water

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  GUARDIAN Glass and Surface Cleaner

No ammonia, alcohol or harsh volatile solvents. 0% VOC (Volatile organic Compounds)

NEW REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY guards your health from solvents and toxins traditionally found in glass and surface cleaners

Safe to use on all glass (treated glass, Plexiglass, auto glass, mirrors, light fixtures, etc.) plus chrome, appliances, floors, or any surface that needs general cleaning.

* No rinsing required * Non-streaking *
* No fragrance or dye added *

General Use Instructions for GUARDIAN

  • Spray Guardian directly onto glass or surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a clean, lint free dry cloth for a fast drying, streak free finish.

Ingredients: Water and mild surfactants

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  FREE Dishwashing Liquid

FREE Dishwashing Liquid

FREE of:

· Fragrances

· Dyes

· Petroleum Solvents

· Respiratory and Skin irritants

· Free is an effective & concentrated dish soap developed by and for people with allergies, asthma and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

· Free is a soy-based product - it contains nature's versatile, renewable harvest. With soy's natural moisturizing qualities, washing dishes is even soothing to your hands.

· Free is safe for you but tough on dirty, greasy dishes.

· Free breaks down safely and rapidly making it safer for the environment. It is low sudsing, which makes it ideal for camping or other outdoor uses.

· Free is free of fragrances, phosphates, petroleum solvents, chlorine, dyes and other common triggers for respiratory or skin irritations.

Directions for Use:

  • Add FREE Dishwashing Liquid while filling sink with hot water.
  • For tougher jobs, like dried on foods, let dishes soak a few minutes before washing.

Ingredients: Deionized water, vegetable-based cleansing and sudsing agents, mild surfactants, emulsifiers

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  OXY-SCRUB Kitchen & Bathroom Cleanser

Made with the Power of Oxy-Boost Oxygen Bleach!!!

 Oxy-Scrub is THE safe alternative to the leading brands of kitchen and bathroom cleansers that contain chlorine bleach and other harsh ingredients.  

Oxy-Scrub contains ingredients that are environmentally friendly, naturally derived and safer-to-use.  

Oxy-Scrub cleans with the power of Oxy-Boost Oxygen Bleach which sanitizes your sink, tub, etc. 

Oxy-Scrub can be used to clean even the toughest stains or baked on messes in your pots, pans, sinks and oven.  

(Do not use Oxy-Scrub on easily scratched surfaces, painted surfaces or marble.  If unsure about a surface, please test in an inconspicuous area first.) 

Directions For Use:

Sprinkle Oxy-Scrub onto wet surface, scrub with wet rag or sponge to cleanse surface, rinse.  For really tough stains allow Oxy-Scrub to sit on surface 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

Ingredients:  Silica Flour, natural activator, sodium percarbonate, soda ash, surfactant

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  OXY-FLUSH Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Made with the Power of Oxy-Boost Oxygen Bleach!

Oxy-Flush is THE SAFE alternative to commercially sold brands of toilet bowl cleaners.

Oxy-Flush contains NO acids or chlorine!

Oxy-Flush is free of phosphates, abrasives, chlorine, acids, fragrances, noxious odors, and harmful ingredients.  

Oxy-Flush cleans even the most stubborn stains and deposits and sanitizes your toilet bowl 

(Oxy-Flush is not designated to remove hard water deposits like calcium, lime or rust stains - Use Mineral Magic)

Directions For Use:

  • Sprinkle about 2 ounces of Oxy-Flush onto wet bowl, swish with toilet bowl brush, sponge or rag to create foam.  Allow to soak for several minutes, brush and flush. 
  • For really tough stains allow Oxy-Flush to soak in bowl for 20 minutes before rinsing.  

Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate, soda ash, surfactants

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  CLEAN & FREE Floor Cleaner

Clean & Free is an effective floor cleaner developed for people with Allergies, Asthma and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) - but great for everyone!

Clean & Free is soy-based - nature's versatile, renewable harvest.

Clean & Free is tough on dirty floors, but easy on your health.

Clean & Free is a fast drying no rinse formula with no dangerous or noxious odors.

Clean & Free contains no ammonia, fragrances, dyes, chlorine, or other known irritants.

Directions For Use:

2 ounces per gallon of water

             Deionized water, vegetable-based cleansing and sudsing agents, mild surfactants, emulsifiers

Sizes Available:  8 ounces, 1 quart, 1 gallon

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100% GuaranteeNATURAL CHOICES guarantees your satisfaction 100% with all of our products.
If you are dissatisfied for any reason at any time we will refund your purchase price and shipping costs.

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