LikeNu Concrete Resurfacing

The Cement Coating You Apply Like Paint

  • Create a surface that repels water, solvents and even chewing gum
  • Use for patching ice and salt damaged concrete.
  • Excellent material for unique concrete stenciling applications.
  • Longer lasting -- tougher than any other comparably price flooring paint.
  • Easy application using sprayer or roller
  • Dries within 30 minutes. Quickly get back into service.
  • Hides stains
  • Water-Based, No Solvents
A Bucket of LikeNu

What is LikeNu and why is it so special?

LikeNu is the world's first cementitious coating for concrete, masonry and wood that is water and solvent repellent.  With LikeNu you can protect or resurface concrete, brick, stone, stucco and other surfaces.  LikeNu is blended with standard Portland cement to create a durable polymer concrete..  Your interior or exterior surfaces coated with LikeNu will be protected from the damaging effects of water, oil, solvents, fungi and UV radiation.  LikeNu also contains a patented non-oil based water-repellent.

Don't most coatings for concrete, masonry and wood coatings peel flake or chip away over time?

Yes most products containing alkyds, vinyl acetate or urethane do not remain flexible.  They are subject to attack from UV light, moisture and bacteria.  With time, they become brittle and will flake, chip or peel off.  LikeNu is a new water-based cementitious coating that will not.  LikeNu is a film forming UV resistant cross-linked cementitious acrylic system that is designed to absorb into surfaces chemically bonding to them.  LikeNu dries to form a tough elastic cement film that remains flexible over a wide temperature range and will not flake or chip.  You can even clean it with a pressure washer for years, and it will still look great!  The repellent additives in LikeNu allow the substrates to breathe, enabling LikeNu to release water vapor but keep liquid moisture out.  This eliminates blistering and peeling seen with traditional filming coatings.

Other masonry coatings say they are water-repellent, why is LikeNu different?

LikeNu is a water based cementitious-acrylic coating.  Others advertise that they are water-repellent but they are actually water-resistant.  Water-resistant coatings slow water absorption but do not form a water impermeable barrier.  Products using oils, soaps or waxes are short-lived because they evaporate, washout or wear away.  LikeNu contains Clean Start's patented repellent system that will not wash away or evaporate.  Unlike any other product, LikeNu is also oil and solvent-repellent, offering unmatched protection for parking and driveway surfaces.  Once LikeNu is applied, oil and grease will not soak in to the substrate and can be washed away.  Gum will not stick to the surface and can be easily power-washed or peeled off.

Sidewalk Resurfaced with LikeNu

Where can LikeNu be applied?

LikeNu can be applied to wood, asphalt, stone, brick, stucco and cement and metal surfaces.  You also can use it as a block filler for walls.  Thickened LikeNu can be used to fill spalling surfaces in concrete.  LikeNu can also be used to level or color concrete surfaces prior to finishing with urethane.

Since LikeNu is a coating, won't it leave horizontal surfaces slippery?

LikeNu can leave some smooth surfaces slippery. Sand can be broadcast into the first or second coat of LikeNu to create a textured surface.  If this is major traffic area then the ultimate protection is our rubberized CrystalNu urethane formulation.

Is LikeNu harmful to plants and animals?

No. LikeNu is a water-based product that will not harm plants or animals if they are accidentally sprayed.  We recommend immediate rinsing with water so the product will not adhere to any over-sprayed areas or plants.  LikeNu does not cause pollution of inland or marine waterways.  Uncured resins in LikeNu are fully biodegradable.

What surface preparation must be done before applying LikeNu?

Surfaces should be clean and dry.  Mineral Magic will remove most oxide based stains.  General cleaning can be done using an Oxygen-Bleach product.  Oil stained concrete, brick, stone or stucco surfaces should be remediated using WonderMicrobes, an environmentally safe bacterial cleanser that will remove oil and grease from masonry surfaces.  Muriatic acid should not be used because, even after thorough rinsing, sufficient acid remains to inhibit the adhesion of LikeNu primer. Much quicker than HCl is NuEtch.  It will microscopically etch any silica containing surface in fifteen seconds. No rinsing required.

Restroom Resurfaced with LikeNu

How is LikeNu applied?

LikeNu can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto surfaces depending on your available equipment and the size of the application.     Two coats (approximately 12 mil each) give best protection.  You can apply the second coat immediately.
When mixed with sand and sprayed with a hopper gun you can create a stucco like surface.   Excellent for parging a basement wall.

Can I use LikeNu over another existing coating?

Yes, LikeNu bonds very well to existing coatings and can be used over older latex and alkyd coatings.  However, check to be sure the older coating is not flaking or peeling off before applying LikeNu.  Otherwise, you must remove it.  We recommend TakeOff 2000 strippers to remove paints from surfaces.  These are pH neutral and environmentally friendly.  No neutralizing is necessary after using TakeOff 2000 strippers.  Prime previously coated surfaces with ASA 603, our acrylic primer prior to coating with LikeNu.

Once I mix LikeNu, how long can I still use it?

Once the cement portion is mixed into LikeNu it has a pot life of 6 hours.  If LikeNu thickens, it can be thinned with additional water.

White LikeNu on Pool Deck

 What is the coverage rate for LikeNu?

LikeNu is mixed at the job site with water and a special cement mixture.  One gallon of LikeNu will yield about 1.6 gallons of mixed LikeNu.  1.6 gallons of mixed LikeNu will cover 100 square feet at the recommended finished coating thickness of 25 mils. installed in two coats. Keep in mind that this thickness is five times thicker than most paint specifications. Most applicators stretch it to cover 150 sq. feet.

How long will LikeNu take to dry and when can it be subject to traffic.

LikeNu will dry and can withstand foot traffic in 30 minutes.  Rain or intermittent moisture after the 30 minute dry time will not affect the coating.  LikeNu cures best when dry and should not be subjected to ponding water until a minimum one week dry-time.  LikeNu and can withstand light vehicular traffic 24 hours after application.  LikeNu will cure over the next 4 weeks to its maximum hardness.

What colors are available for LikeNu?

LikeNu is similar to a white base.  You control tone by using either white or grey Portland cement.  LikeNu can be colored with standard concrete or latex paint colorants.  We can pre-color it for you.  Call for color matching.

Application Instructions

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roofs,roofing,white roof,roof shingles,roof coating,roof repair,flat roof,roof materials,paint,mold,algae,waterproofing,UV, elastomeric,rubber,concrete,wood,protection
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roofs,roofing,white roof,roof shingles,roof coating,roof repair,flat roof,roof materials,paint,mold,algae,waterproofing,UV, elastomeric,rubber,concrete,wood,protection
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September 26, 2013
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